Year of Seasonal Menu Plans

Welcome to a year of seasonal meals! In each season we focus on the foods that are bountiful in the market as well as the cooking techniques appropriate for that season. Each of these recipes have been tried and tested, some multiple times, to make sure you are provided with simple and delicious meals. Some recipes I have adapted from a few of my favorite cooks but have always adjusted or perfected to have my own twist.

Each season includes:

  • Seasonal Monthly Menu/Calendar with your menus broken down by week
  • Instead of sending you new recipes every week, which I have found to be overwhelming for my clients, I am providing a month of meals per season. You’ll have the chance to become a better cook by getting really good at these dishes. Repeat the meal plan each month for 3 months until the season changes.

  • Seasonal Recipes including over 40 recipes for each season
  • 3 nights of meals including recipes for 1 entree + 1 side for each night (some nights have 2 sides). Almost every dinner will make enough for leftovers so you can reuse and re-purpose. 

  • Seasonal Weekly Shopping List with itemized and detailed lists of how much to buy

  • Bonus: Dessert & Snack Recipes plus a How-To for each week

  • Sunday Time-Saving Prep List

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